About InfiniteBeauty.me

We believe every woman has divine worth and infinite potential. We build tools which help women recognize and enhance their own best natural features.

Established in 2011, InfiniteBeauty.me, LLC is a family company formed to create and market products  which give women affordable access to consultative services, personal color analysis and body understanding (in the past, fashion and style consultation has been financially out of reach for most women). Our big idea is to change that. Smart technology can connect every woman to the confidence and radiance that comes with understanding her own unique features and appearance.

Our flagship product, Color Me True, uses proprietary algorithms,  expertly selected colors, and mathematically formed color palettes to give each user a self-directed undertone and color analysis. Contrast our product with other personal color analysis services in the marketplace, and you will find they run in the hundreds of dollars, and are only achieved in one-on-one consultation.*  Color Me True is the cost of a lipstick.

Color Me True is the first of our app based beauty products in development. We also have a series of videos created to freely educate and entertain our users about color which you can watch here.

Stick with us - we are just getting started . . .

*Our product is only a tool, and the results are subjective to the user’s inputs. In-person color analysis may provide different results.