Michelle Miles

A cosmetologist, author, stylist and makeup artist, Michelle Miles has helped thousands of women achieve radiance with her counsel and guidance. Michelle loves color and believes dressing in colors which harmonize with skin, eyes and hair can give a woman additional confidence. Over time, she came to realize the cost of personal color analysis kept its benefits beyond the reach of many women. So Michelle turned to technology. With Anniele Harmon, she founded, LLC to harness mobile app technology and offer personalized color analysis to women the world over.

Anniele Harmon

With a degree in fashion design, and an MBA in fashion design business from the prestigious SENAC Esmod in Sao Paolo, Anniele has spent  years creating beautiful clothing and objects. Uniting her creative energy with the team, Anniele has contributed her expertise to Color Me True, and with the launch of Color Me True, Anniele has started designing the next fashion app (soon to be announced, but top-secret for now).

Theron Harmon

Entrepreneur and founder of multiple businesses, Theron brings years of marketing experience to the team. As a sophomore in college, he founded American Promotions, his first business. The business is healthy and growing today. Theron's diverse experience ranges from his first job as a farm hand, a high school job as a journalist and a 7-year stint managing a law firm. You won't get makeup advice from Theron, but he brings years of strategic business experience, storefront design and skills developed in both online and person-to-person sales channels. Graduating with honors, Theron received his bachelor's degree cum laude in English with a Russian minor from Brigham Young University. 

Valerie Harmon

A writer, editor and growing talent in video concept and creation, Valerie Harmon helps bring the ideas of Color Me True to the InfiniteBeauty YouTube channel. Graduating  magna cum laude with a BA in English, Valerie has edited books for publication, teaches writing, and will
someday write a Great American Novel. When she does, you can be sure she'll wear her best colors in her author's picture.

Nate McClellan

A specialist in analytics, finance and affiliate marketing, entrepreneur Nate McClellan keeps the wheels turning on the business side of Graduating with a bachelors in economics,  Nate converts raw data into language everyone else can understand.

Jeffrey Harmon

One One of the original founders of Orabrush, Jeffrey experienced meteoric success for his viral video marketing with recognition in the United States national press including the New York Times, Inc. Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal. His Youtube marketing brought Orabrush more than 30 million views in less than a year. He quips, "Unlike an Orabrush, the Color Me True app won't make your breath smell better, but it will help you look better every time you breathe." Jeffrey received a business degree in marketing at Brigham Young University. He also earned a degree in international business at Brazil’s prestigious Fundação Getulio Vargas.