The Color Me True iPad* app determines your skin's undertone (warm or cool) and what colors look best on you, by using your iPad camera to take a picture of your hair and eye, and then asking you a few questions. Then Color Me True displays a digital palette of 28 colors uniquely formulated to compliment your skin, hair, and eyes. Color Me True has over 1600 possible color combinations, so your palette will be unique to you! 

Take your device with you when you shop to match your personal colors to potential purchases. Use it to organize your closet, to pick out a party outfit, to dress for a wedding or family picture, to decide on a job interview outfit or work clothes. Best of all, minimize imperfections, wrinkles, and dark circles through the use of color.  Your unique color palette will enhance your most beautiful features!

A Professional License will be available soon for people who would like to use Color Me True to color analyze others.

*(iPhone is coming too)